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ynabis is Professionally Formulated to The Highest cGMP and Pharmaceutical Grade Standards

We are firm believers and practitioners of natural and alternative medicine. We are consumers of our own products and we take seriously the idea that food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food. The first principle of naturopathic medicine is "trust in the healing power of nature". As manufacturers of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, our mission is to help physicians and patients deliver on the principle and promise of natural medicine by providing pharmaceutical grade and therapeutically dosed products with best in class delivery systems to increase absorption, bioavailability and efficacy. We will always use the highest quality natural ingredients and we will never sacrifice quality and results for profit.


We are excited about CBD and believe the future of cannabinoids in health show great promise for all of us interested in natural health and wellness alternatives.

Before introducing Syanbis, we spent over two years researching the CBD market. Our research was comprehensive. We reviewed hundreds of clinical studies and consensus documents to determine if this was an area of development we should pursue. In other words, did the clinical data to date warrant the market enthusiasm and our venture into the manufacturing side of CBD products. The short answer was yes. In our search for the highest quality CBD, we investigated cannabis growers, extractors and raw material suppliers across several states. To validate quality claims, and to determine without question we could source the highest quality materials available, we requested and tested over 20 different samples from raw material manufacturers located in 4 different states. Our tests were conducted by 3rd party labs and included Identity, Purity, Metals, Pesticides, and Microbial. We also conducted internal lab tests and "bench tested" several of the best materials before deciding which materials we would ultimately use. Our search was extremely comprehensive. Our CBD raw material is organically grown in the United States by a leading producer. In fact our supplier was recently awarded a "High Quality Seal", and ranked as one of the "TOP 13" producers in the United States by the American Hemp Authority.
The high quality seal was awarded to organizations demonstrating an adherence to standardized operating procedures and quality control to ensure a "safer hemp industry from seed to shelf."

We believe that all of the time and resources spent thoroughly investigating the legitimacy of CBD and the various qualities of CBD raw materials available was worth every second; and we are extremely confident that the CBD raw materials we are using in our Synabis products are of the highest quality
provenance. Our commitment to quality is paramount to our success and most important to your health and to the experience and satisfaction you have with our products and services.

We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of several leading pharmaceutical grade products in the healthcare practitioner market and we demonstrate our commitment to quality and to you with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We wish to be your trusted partner in natural health, and the only way we know how to achieve this is by adhering to our commitment to quality and health by consistently delivering health products that are unsurpassed in purity, potency, delivery and efficacy.


In our years of CBD research, we reviewed hundreds of clinical studies and consensus documents regarding the therapeutic efficacy claims of cannabinoids. The general conclusion is that in some areas of health, such as chronic pain there is conclusive evidence that cannabis or cannabinoids are effective. There is moderate evidence that cannabis of cannabinoids are effective for improving short term sleep outcomes. In other areas there is still insufficient or limited evidence and more research in necessary to conclude that cannabis or cannabinoids are effective in others area.

There are thousands of studies available to draw your own conclusion as to whether CBD can be an effective part of your health plan. However, we will not make any claims as to what Cannabinoids can or can not do for your health. Anecdotally, millions of individual have received relief and achieved healthy endpoints using CBD. It is for this reason we have introduced Syanbis.

Although we will not make health claims regarding the use of CBD, we will make claims that you can trust our CBD products are of the highest quality provenance, and that we pour an immeasurable amount of care, formulating expertise, delivery technology and dedication to excellence into every product we make. Your health and satisfaction depend on it.

Industry Leading Products and Technology

Nutrasal is an industry leader in manufacturing pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements. Our products and delivery systems have set the standard since 1982. We have specialized knowledge and formulating expertise using highly purified phospholipid fractions to create delivery systems that improve the quality and efficacy of everyday ingredients. Our expertise in phospholipid technology and delivery systems is second to none.

Dedication to Excellence and Optimal Wellness

Our dedication to excellence is rooted in our strong desire and utmost commitment to achieve healthy outcomes for ourselves and for our valued customers. Achieving optimal wellness is not always easy, and requires a steadfast dedication to mind, body and spirit. Supplementation with high quality oils, herbs, minerals, and other natural ingredients is just one small part of our wellness journey.

The Power of Natural Medicine

We believe in the power and the promise of natural medicine. And, we fully understand our responsibility to preserving both the legacy of natural medicine and it increasingly brighter future. In our efforts to elevate the importance and credibility of natural medicine, w
e combine nature's healing ingredients with the power of science to create best in class delivery systems to increase the bio-availability and efficacy of these active ingredients and to provide you with quality products that are second to none in the marketplace. Your health and your trust in us depend upon it.

A Trusted Partner

All of our products are created and formulated in house at our Scottsdale Arizona Facility. In addition to our own products, we also develop and manufacture products for some of the top brands in the nutraceutical industry. We are a trusted suppler to healthcare practitioners and other leading nutraceutical brands. Our pharmaceutical grade and patented delivery technologies, including nano emulsions (sub-micron technologies), liposome, PC emulsions and suspensions, solid lipid particles, among others ensure all of our valued customers that our products are of the highest cGMP quality, contain only the best quality active ingredients with superior bioavailability and increased efficacy.

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Why consider Synabis?
  • Our CBD raw material is Organically Grown in the United States by an award winning supplier ranked in the "Top 13" by the American Hemp Authority
  • Manufactured by Nutrasal, a trusted source to Doctors since 1982
  • Over 35 years of valued service to healthcare practitioners with leading brands such as PhosChol and Liverflo
  • Specialized knowledge of pharmaceutical grade and phospholipid based delivery systems
  • Unsurpassed product quality
  • Unsurpassed safety record
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

We look forward to earning and maintaining your trust as a valuable partner in health, and to providing you with superior products to use on your journey to achieve optimal wellness.